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    “Ken comprises: 80% Plastic, 20% Metal

    Lenses are made of: 100% Polycarbonate

    Light lenses suitable for warmer weather with moderate sunlight. (Filter Cat. 2)

    The gray lenses Filter Category 3: bright and sunny weather with bright sunlight .

    Dimensions of the glasses:
    Frame Width = 12 cm
    Frame length = 13.5 cm
    Lens height = 4.7cm
    Lens Width 4.5cm
    Nose Bridge Width = 2 cm

    These sunglasses are manufactured according to European Standard BS EN ISO 12312-1: 2013 + A1: 2015


    Check the lens shade so that you wear the right sunglasses for the different weather types:

    Very light - Wear these glasses indoors, or on cloudy days and at dusk. (Filter Cat. 0)

    Light - Foggy days with little sun exposure are suitable for this type of glass. (filter category 1)

    Medium - Suitable for good weather with moderate sunlight. (filter category 2)

    Dark - Suitable for clear and sunny weather with bright sunlight. (Filter Cat. 3)

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