You might wonder, and rightly so:
“If a pair of Sunnies from Icon Eyewear is thís low priced …. Is safe to wear?

Most of our Chinese competitors on Alibaba and AliExpress are offering very cheap sunglasses. They offer sunglasses directly from a unknown Chinese factory floor. You can NOT be sure if they’re safe to use.
Firstly, they might contain high doses of Cadmium or Lead or other substances. Substances that are banned from using in the EU market.
Secondly, they are sometimes fitted with poor lenses. Those lenses offer your eyes little or no UV-protection.

You cannot be sure if they are safe to use. Most of our other competitors that offer cheap sunglasses, buy their sunglasses off the shelf, or order from unknown and therefore uncontrollable sources. Againthey offer no origin of the quality of their sunglasses on offer, let alone if they have their product tested to see if it Conforms to Health and safety regulations.

Icon Eyewear sunglasses are produced under our own supervision. Every style we’ve produced is tested for material and safety conformity in EU, USA and Australia.

We are a frontrunner in Fashion Eyewear, introducing new styles constantly.

In order to contain our way of doing business within the legal and ethic boundaries, we choose to hence our low price offer. We need to have a fast turnaround on our production.

The newest styles are priced higher than the older styles or styles we have produced a lot of.

We hope you like them and .. buy them!

Ultimately it is your own decision where and for what reason to purchase your pair of sunglasses online.

We just wish to state that sometimes pennywise can prove to be pound foolish.